This property was built in 1887 served as a home to families until the 1940s when it was converted to a boarding house. It continued as a boarding house for the next 75 years. When we acquired it, the property was considered a teardown and had gone through a slew of investors, the last of which was going to restore but only got so far as to gut the downstairs interior. Once The Renaissance Group purchased we embarked on an 8-month journey and meticulously restored the property to regain as much of its historic integrity & beauty as possible. As our founder Eric Eisenberg puts it, "I do not have the fear gene when it comes to restoration".  

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429 W. 6th Street

The Luckenbach House, 1888. J.L Frank, Architect.

Los Angeles Cultural Monument #191.

This property was originally a single family home built for businessman James S. Luckenbach, it was donated to the Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1902 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Kaspare Cohn. The building became the first Jewish hospital in L.A. with the first female doctor and superintendent. To serve a broader set of patients, several philanthropists founded Cedars of Lebanon hospital which merged with MT. Sinai to become what is now Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

When we purchased this property we instantly fell in love. Besides the fact that you could see the night sky from the holes in the roof, this landmark had its own unique character and incredible history . After completely re-roofing the entire property and restoring the Victorian fish scale shingles we were ready to begin restoration of everything else. This project has been nothing but a labor of love for Eric Eisenberg and his team. More info TBA 

Cabrillo Hotel

Carroll Avenue

We serve on numerous local boards and work closely with The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce & The San Pedro Business Improvement District to improve local business, foot-traffic & community.

Vin Scully Ave

Revitalizing Los Angeles one building at a time

Music Inspired Murals, 

Brushed Aluminum Sign, 

Revamped Laundry Room, Lobby Renovation, Penthouse 

San Pedro, CA


Two proposed restaurants

w/ front patio dining space

Outdoor art & event

exhibition in rear

​San Pedro, CA